What should I be taking after my workout?

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Post-Workout supplements are used immediately after training. The post-workout period is the most vital time for ensuring your nutrition is perfect. It is at this time that your muscles are most sensitive to the nutrients you deliver them. What you feed them then is critical, and it is vital you give them the right balance of protein, carbs and other nutrients to facilitate the rapid replenishment of glycogen and transition your body into a positive nitrogen balance to aid muscle and joint repair.

Post-workout supplements are designed to deliver this in one package, the ideal candidate for this job is without a doubt Hydrapharm's: Quantum.

Quantum's performance complex is in our opinion the ultimate solution for powering lean muscle gains, delivering vastly improved muscle pumps, and enhancing recovery from training. Not only does Quantum deliver on the recovery front but also has you covered with more research proven performance enhancers than any other supplement in history.

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