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The follow products are all great options for those looking for non-hormonal muscle-building supplements.

PES AnaBeta - A natural anabolic which helps boost teststerone naturally, increases muscle pumps, appetite and for most users, can produce significant effects in just a week or two.

PES AnaBeta Elite - An updated version of Anabeta, Anabeta Elite contains supporting ingredients to enhance muscle gains and fat loss.

Mass Pro Synthagen - Rated the best product of 2013 by our forum, Mass Pro Synthagen combines ergogenics including ecdysterone, essential amino acids and other anabolic catalysts for an outstanding recovery and muscle gain supplement.

E-Pharm Ursobolic - Based on a nutrient found in apples, Ursobolic when dosed at the correct dose of around 12-16 capsules a day produces noticeable gains in muscle and simultaneous fat loss.

Molecular Nutrition X-Factor - Arguably the most exciting muscle builder. Based around the ingredient Arachidonic Acid which has been shown in research to produce significant gains in strength, muscle mass, and increased fat loss.

Note that all of these muscle builders are infinitely versatile with many users stacking them with testosterone boosters or indeed, with each other.

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