How much do you charge for international shipping?

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International Shipping and Tracking

At Predator Nutrition, we provide attractive and competitive shipping prices to all of our worldwide customers no matter where they are. We make no profit on international shipments and make our international tracking service as hassle free as possible. Shipping costs are calculated during the Checkout of the order and are based on a number of factors such as the destination country, the number of items you have purchased and the weight of the parcel.

Flat Rate Shipping Costs for Selected Countries

(Prices in GBP)

The following table shows the shipping cost to the selected countries and if they qualify for FREE SHIPPING depending on the value and weight of the order:

Please Note: Free shipping applies to the first parcel only. A surcharge payment may be required If your order needs to be shipped in multiple parcels.

CountryPriceFree Shipping
Austria£7.99Free on orders over £160
Australia£7.99 *Free on orders over £160 (under 2kg) **
Belgium£4.99Free on orders over £160
Bosnia£19.99Free on orders over £260
Bulgaria£16.99Free on orders over £260
Canada£7.99 *Orders over £160 (under 2kg) **
Croatia£11.99Free on orders over £260
Czech Republic£10.99Free on orders over £190
Denmark£6.99Free on orders over £160
Estonia£12.99Free on orders over £260
Finland£11.99Free on orders over £199
France£5.99Free on orders over £135
Germany£4.99Free on orders over £110
Greece£12.99Free on orders over £260
Hungary£11.99Free on orders over £260
Iceland£19.99Free on orders over £260
India£12.99 *Doesn’t qualify for free shipping
Indonesia£12.99 *Doesn’t qualify for free shipping
Israel£12.99 *Doesn’t qualify for free shipping
Italy£7.99Free on orders over £160
Japan£12.99 *Doesn’t qualify for free shipping
Kuwait£12.99 *Doesn’t qualify for free shipping
Latvia£12.99Free on orders over £260
Lithuania£10.99Free on orders over £260
Luxembourg£7.99Free on orders over £120
Malta£9.99Doesn’t qualify for free shipping
Netherlands£4.99Free on orders over £110
New Zealand£12.99 *Doesn’t qualify for free shipping
Norway£6.99 - £13.99Free on orders over £210
Poland£11.99Free on orders over £199
Portugal£9.99Free on orders over £199
Qatar£12.99Doesn’t qualify for free shipping
Republic of Ireland£4.99Free on orders over £125
Romania£12.99Free on orders over £260
Saudi Arabia£9.99 *Doesn’t qualify for free shipping
Serbia£15.99Free on orders over £260
Singapore£12.99 *Doesn’t qualify for free shipping
Slovakia£9.99Free on orders over £190
Slovenia£11.99Free on orders over £260
Spain£8.99Free on orders over £160
Sweden£9.99Free on orders over £199
Switzerland£10.99Free on orders over £160
United Arab Emirates£12.99 *Doesn’t qualify for free shipping
USA£7.99 *Free on orders over £135 (under 2kg) **

* Parcels over the weight of 2kg will be charged depending on the weight of the parcel.
**Parcels over the weight of 2kg will not qualify for FREE SHIPPING and therefore will be charged depending on the weight of the parcel.

If your country isn't in the list above, please contact our customer service team on +441135329420 to find out if we can ship to you and costs. In most cases for parcels under 2kg there will be a shipping charge between £7.99 and £12.99.

Please see our International Shipping page for a more detailed look at our shipping policies: UK/International Shipping Page.

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